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Our Domain

Accueil / Our Domain

  • Marjorie Robert
  • Alexandre Robert

The story of our champagne begins in Côte des Bar which is the biggest Champagne Terroir situated in the south of the appellation region.
There are two generations working on the 15 hectare family estate, modeling and creating the vineyard and wines in accordance with the Champagne area traditions.

The Alexandre Demarjory brand was born from brother and sister’s passion for grapevine and wine, Alexandre and Marjory.
We wanted to create a young and dynamic brand within our parents’ wake.

Champagne is first of all a vineyard, our vineyard made from Black Pinot, Chardonnay and White Pinot grape varieties implanted along several villages.

Our land is shaped within a responsible and sustainable viticulture approach. An individualized follow-up is brought to the 36 plots. Juices from the grape harvest are treated with care. As for the vineyard, every vat benefits from an individual and daily care.

The wines undergo malolactic fermentation to give them roundness and depth.
By this way we obtain a large diversified and complex organoleptic range which helps us to guarantee the follow-up procedure for our champagne.